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From patient to molecule, we are devoted to understanding and curing epilepsy
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Members and Colaborators
  1. Nigel Pedersen
    Nigel Pedersen
    Dr. Pedersen is a clinical neurologist specializing in the treatment of epilepsy, and a neuroscientist interested in the systems neurobiology of epilepsy, sleep-wake mechanisms and brain rhythms.
With a background in clinical neurology, clinical epilepsy, neuroanatomy and the neurophysiology of epilepsy and sleep, we are poised to push forward the collective understanding of brain function in health and neurological conditions.  

Present projects are directed toward unstanding the relationship between brain structures important for sleep and wakefulness, and how these same structures determine the chance of having seizures.  We are also examining novel techniques to control seizures.

Please feel free to get involved or contact us for more information.  As an academic laboratory, teaching is part of our mission and students are always welcome. 
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